Review: Ian Henery’s “Chinese Labour Corps” 

Please note performances of Chinese Labour Corps have now ended. Chinese labourers were treated badly during the First World War but it’s difficult to think of any group that wasn’t, including the British Tommy. That is true, but equally true is that some were treated worse than others. On this Ian Henery and the Blue …

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In memory of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

On the day of the State funeral of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II we remember with both sadness and gratitude the life of our late Queen. Her Majesty was not only an exceptional person of our time, but among the greats of history. Very few people make a promise at the age of 21 and …

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Blue Orange Arts presents

Birmingham’s Blue Orange Arts presents a new play about the Chinese Labour Corps based on an original script by Ian Henery and adapted by Emma Cooper.

Proudly British, but sometimes I hang my head in shame.

A personal comment from Steve Lau, Chair of the Ensuring We Remember Campaign. When asked if I am British or Chinese I say I am both. I find being described as half British and half Chinese somewhat offensive, though I understand it’s not (usually) intended to be. I believe I am a better person for …

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Where’s the memorial?

We’ve been asked what happened to the unveiling on the 4th May 2019. News of the unveiling taking place on 4th May this year was reported in the South China Morning Post (SCMP) last November, and picked up by a number of Chinese language media. Unfortunately the original report was not correct. When speaking with …

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EVENT: CHINESE LABOUR CORPS: The Forgotten Men of World War I

Wednesday 27 February, 1-4.45pm   Heritage Learning Space, Library of Birmingham Between 1917-1920, 140,000 Chinese men travelled from Shandong on China’s East coast to the other side of the world to support the British, French and Russian armies with manual labour during WWI, remaining in Europe until 1920 clearing battlefields. Who were these men and why did …

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Hoggy Chinese New Year 2019

National Road Show

It was only at the end of last September that we announced plans to take our message out in a road show that would cover all four nations of the UnitedKingdom, and continue to raise awareness of the Chinese Labour Corps within local communities. Material is still being developed, but we are working to realise …

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Steve Lau, Chair of the Ensuring We Remember Campaign reflects on the challenges of the general public’s extremely low level of awareness of the contribution made by the Chinese to Britain’s war effort. In my role I share my passion (some may say obsession) with anyone willing to listen really. It’s not too difficult to …

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Campaign Chair, Steve Lau, to speak in Northern Ireland

Through funding from the fabulous Big Ideas Company’s Unremembered Project, Steve Lau, Chair of the Ensuring We Remember Campaign has been invited to speak at the Chinese Welfare Association in Belfast.  

Commemoration event for the Chinese Labour Corps

Organised by The Meridian Society and The British Library Date: Saturday, 17th November 2018 Time: 1.00-4.30pm Venue: Knowledge Centre, British Library, 96 Euston Road, London NW1 2DB On 11th November 1918, streets throughout Western Europe were filled with jubilant crowds. Armistice had been declared and weary soldiers were able at last to go home. Yet, …

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An armistice day message from Steve Lau, founder and Chair of the ensuring We Remember Campaign

One hundred years ago today the fighting in Europe stopped and the guns fell silent. Like people the world over, the Chinese celebrated the arrival of peace: a three day national holiday was announced in China. As the sounds of the last gunfire faded, it is hard to imagine what thoughts ran through the minds …

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Armistice Day Panel Discussion

By Yellow Earth Theatre and Moongate Productions Sun, November 11, 2018 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM GMT Arcola Theatre Studio 2 24 Ashwin Street London E8 3DL   To commemorate Armistice Day and the legacy of the Chinese Labour Corps there will be a panel discussion chaired by Dr Diana Yeh with Steve Lau (Founder …

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Andrew Dismore, London Assembly Member, calls for Chinese Labour Corps to be recognised.

Thursday, 1st November, 2018. At today’s City Hall Plenary meeting, Labour London Assembly Member for Barnet and Camden Andrew Dismore AM called for recognition of WW1 Chinese Labour Corps, when speaking in the debate to commemorate the centenary of the end of the First World War. After the debate Mr Dismore said: ‘The Chinese Labour …

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A short note on numbers and who we will commemorate on the Memorial Huabiao

The number of 96,000 is, as best we can estimate, the correct number of Chinese recruited into the Chinese Labour Corps. It is a number we have agreed with Dr Gregory James, the world’s foremost authority on the Chinese Labour Corps. The figure of 140,000 is sometimes used. This figure is the approximate figure (perhaps …

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New play: Forgotten 遗忘

PLYMOUTH 17 October -20 October LONDON 23 October–17 November 2018 “The foreign devils will be entranced by our performance and line our path back to Shandong with gold and cherry blossoms…” 1917. Shandong Province, Northern China. Times are tough in Horse Shoe Village. Old Six and Second Moon struggle to earn enough to feed their …

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“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”- Confucius

The Birth of the Memorial Huabiao

Today, Tuesday 24th April, 2018, a specialist team went to a carefully selected quarry in Hunan Province surveying the various exposed marble rock faces. After careful consideration one location within the quarry was selected. It will now take 15 days to quarry the huge pieces of marble required to produce the Memorial Huabiao.

Talk at the National Archives: The Chinese Labour Corps on the Western Front

Steve Lau, Chair of the Ensuring We Remember campaign, will talk about Chinese peasants who were sent to the Western Front during the First World War. Learn about the journey of the Chinese Labour Corps, as they were secretly transported across Canada, and shipped to Europe to fight in a war they didn’t necessarily understand. …

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We must continue to build bridges wherever possible

It is right to be mindful of history, but as this video shows, things are changing in Britain. The Ensuring We Remember Campaign has achieved a great deal, but we have not been alone in this endeavour. Other organisations have directly addressed the issue of remembrance of the Chinese Labour Corps, and not only Chinese …

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A 360 degree update.

The Campaign team are busier than ever and the workload is  ever increasingly complex as different areas of activities interact, deadlines loom and expectations rise. Fundraising has been an incredible success with donations being received from across the UK. Although the majority of donations have been made by members of the Chinese community, not exclusively …

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Fundraising: Context and Update


Joint Exhibition of Artists and Calligraphers Fundraiser

Our thanks to a donation of £600 from Fuqing Yulong Ai Group and  £ 800 from the London School of Management Studies (LSMS) . Our fundraising activities continue: 新春新氣象,狗年旺旺旺!一戰华工建碑計劃感謝福清玉融愛心群£600 及 London School of Management Studies (LSMS) £800的捐助,其他認捐和籌款活動仍在進行中。三月十一日下午二時至五時中英文化交流學會及英國華人詩書畫學會在120 Lower Road London SW16 2UB (Surrey Quays 車站步行兩分鐘,附近也有停車場)舉行藝術家及書畫家聯展,演出及義賣捐募活動,歡迎各位朋友及對中國文化藝術有興趣的朋友蒞臨參加及支持! March 11, 2018 120 Lower Road London SW16 2UB (Surrey …

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Event to commemorate CLC work in Erin

Spring Festival Generosity

We’re so happy to share a few examples of the wonderful responses we are getting to our fundraising efforts. 當英國各地華人團體紛紛慶祝春節的來臨,他們也沒有忘記為一戰華工建碑計劃捐助,英华中文学校師生和家長£690.50, 福建同鄉會£1,200, 英國天津同鄉會£500, 倫敦普通話簡體字學校師生和家長£500. 感謝大家的支持和衷心的祝頌建碑能早日實現! When Chinese groups from all over Britain celebrated the arrival of the Spring Festival, they did not forget to donate money for the First World War Chinese Labourers Project. The teachers …

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Happy Chinese New Year


Protected: Design Elements of the Memorial

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Building of the UK’s National Memorial to the Chinese Labour Corps Confirmed.

Three years into a campaign for a UK National Memorial to the Chinese Labour Corps, the Ensuring We Remember Campaign has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Chinese development company ABP (London) Investment Limited (ABP) for the memorial to be constructed as part of the centrepiece of ABP’s £1.7bn development of a new business district …

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Cambrai and the Chinese Contribution

The centenary of the Battle of Cambrai has just passed. We have produced an infographic on Cambrai and the Chinese Contribution.   CLC Cambrai Infographic download

L’histoire des travailleurs chinois pendant la première guerre mondiale.

Exposition à Lille, à la MER. Samedi 18 novembre à 15h Les travailleurs chinois, oubliés de la Grande guerre, rencontre avec l’Historienne Li Ma, ce Samedi 18 novembre 2017 à 15h à la MRES de Lille – Organisation : L’Atelier d’Histoire Critique et les Amis Du Monde Diplomatique – Entrée libre ____ Les travailleurs chinois, …

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Dertien van Busseboom – The Busseboom Thirteen and Belgium’s Memorial to the Chinese Labour Corps.

Exactly one hundred years ago today thirteen members of the Chinese Labour Corps were killed when their camp received a direct hit during an air raid. Quite some gunfire at night. At the Poeper a Chinese camp is hit by shellfire. Several yellow men are killed. From the diary of local priest, Father van Walleghem …

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Chinese Television coverage of Commemorations of CLC at the Cenotaph (English)

Report by Zhang He.

Chinese Labour Corps Remembered at the Cenotaph for the First Time.

FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER wreaths were laid at the Cenotaph in Whitehall in memory of the Chinese labourers who came to support the Allied war effort in the First World War. The act comes amid growing momentum to activities, including the Ensuring We Remember Campaign, organised both inside and outside of the Chinese community …

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Britain’s Forgotten Army: Channel 4 Documentary on the Chinese Labour Corps

Duton’s Continue to Support the Campaign

We are delighted to once again have been generously supported by Duton’s at the third edition of their Appreciation of China presentation which is taking place to take place in Mayfair, London from 5th – 8th November, a highlight of the 20th Anniversary of Asian Art in London. Entitled The Exhibition of Chinese Legacy, it …

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Screening of the film Forgotten Faces of the Great War: The Chinese Labour Corps.

01 November, 2017 at 2pm (till 4pm). 152/3 Cayley Room, University of Westminster, 309 Regent Street, London W1B 2HW As part of a two-year project funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund to commemorate the Chinese Labour Corps (CLC), The Meridian Society has made a film of oral histories with descendants of Chinese labourers and their …

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Chinese Labour Corps Photobook

An incredible collection of candid photographs of the Chinese Labour Corps taken on the Western Front by Captain WJ Hawkings. More details here.

Presentation: Propaganda and Shifted Reality

A presentation by Steve Lau, Chair of the Ensuring We Remember Campaign, at the launch event of, The Stories behind the Pictures: Colonial Troops in the First World War. This event is being held at University of Hull, HU6 7RX Friday, 20th October. An outline of the presentation follows. By the outbreak of the First …

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Talk and Oral History Film

Parliament and World War One: The forgotten Chinese Labourers of World War One UK Parliament Outreach and Engagement Service Tuesday, 7 November 2017 from 19:00 to 20:30 (GMT), Portcullis House, Parliament, London. In an entertaining and informative talk Frances Wood, author of Betrayed Ally: China and the Great War and former curator of Chinese Collections …

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Videos Re-organised

We have reorganised the way our videos are presented. Hopefully the new layout will make it easier to see what is available and to access them. Find our videos from the link on the left hand side of this page.

Review: Chinese Labour Corps Photographs from the WJ Hawkings Collection.

The following is an independent review of the publication Chinese Labour Corps Photographs from the W J Hawkings Collection. The review is by Dr John R A Cleaver, Life Fellow and College Archivist, Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge. Our thanks to Dr Cleaver for making this contribution.   This new book is an annotated collection of photographs from William James …

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Chinese Centenary Commemoration Toolkit

The Ensuring We Remember Campaign if spearheaded by a coalition of major UK Chinese non-profit organisations. To mark today’s centennial anniversary of China declaring war on Germany we reflect on the position of the Chinese community in the UK, whilst launching our Centenary Commemorations Toolkit. Today the Chinese community holds a privileged position in the …

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China Declared War Against Germany 100 Years Ago Today.

Chinese Labour Corps Photobook

We are delighted to announce the publications of, The Chinese Labour Corps: Photographs from the WJ Hawkings collection, launched today to commemorate the centenary of China declaring war against Germany and formally joining Britain and her allies in the Great War. Hardcover: 96 pages Publisher: Myosotis Books (14 August 2017) Languages: English, Chinese and French ISBN-13: 978-1-9998066-0-6 …

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A2 Poster

Buy our new A2 sized poster (42cm x 59cm). [le_product]

In Memoriam 13 August

Today we remember three men of the Chinese Labour Corps who died in service. LI FU CHEN (56237) 1919. LU HSUEH SHU Labourer 106238, died 1919. TSENG CH’IEN SHENG Labourer 25109, died 1918. YANG CHIH FU Labourer 99855, died 1919. We Remember Them.

In Memoriam 12 August

The following four members of the Chinese Labour Corps died on the 12th August: CH’ANG CHIH HAI (100234) 1919 KAO HUA CH’I (7740) 1919 LI LAI FU (76400) 1919 LIU FENG I (54908) 1919 If you are wondering why 12th August 1919 when hostilities ended on 11th November 1918, it’s because the Chinese Labour Corps were …

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Les camps de travailleurs chinois

Par France 3. Histoires 14-18 : les camps de travailleurs chinois

Tentoonstelling en boek: Vive Labeur

Our congratulations to the City of Poperinge on the Vive Labeur Exhibition. Vive Labeur, Chinese Labour Corps in de Eerste Wereldoorlog Sun Gan Prijs:  € 24,50 (incl. verzendingskosten) Sun Gan is een plattelandsonderwijzer die de kans heeft gegrepen om verre horizonten te verkennen door zich aan te melden bij het CLC. Met een opmerkelijk observatievermogen vergelijkt …

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Original Maultsaid Diary Manuscript on Display

“War as seen by the Chinese”

The following articles appeared in the South China Morning Post on November 9th, 1918. WAR AS SEEN BY THE CHINESE AN INTERPRETER IN THE LABOUR CORPS Mr Chow Chen-fu, Interpreter to the 167th Chinese Labour Co., Labour Corps, B.E.F., France, writes to a foreign friend in Shanghai: You ask me to give you a description …

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Exhibition: Vive Labeur – Hail to the Work

1 July 2017 – 17 September 2017 Gasthuiskapel Poperinge The WWI Chinese story inspires contemporary artists. Two famous Belgian photographers, Stephan Vanfleteren and Sanne De Wilde go back to the roots of the Chinese labourers. They explore the China region where they came from. This results in a fascinating photographic account. Visit the website.

Memorial Hall built to the Chinese Labourers of the Great War in Weihai.

Authorities in China have built this enormous Memorial Hall to Chinese labourers who participated in the First World War.

New Chinese Labour Corps memorial proposed for Arras

The regional daily “La Voix du Nord” reports that a stele in memory of the Chinese workers who supported the British and French troops during the Great War will soon be inaugurated in the garden of Saint Vaast in Arras. The original article in French can be read here.  

Tricks on the Dead screened in Parliament

The docudrama, Tricks on the Dead, was screened in Parliament and followed by a Q&A session, on Wednesday 21st June. Photograph taken after the screening which was organised by the Chinese Liberal Democrats, one of our Strategic Partners. L-R: Wenlan Peng, Merlnee Emerson, Gregory James, Simon Chu, Steve Lau, Anna Bates. Photo courtesy of Merlen …

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Screening of Tricks on the Dead, Canterbury

Monday 3rd July, 29017 Westgate Hall, Westgate Hall Road, Canterbury, Kent, CT1 2BT Doors open at 18:45. Cash Bar. Film Screening 19:30 Free of charge. Screening Sponsored by Gateways to the First World War    

The Chinese Labour Corps and why they matter.

A response to The Yorkshire Post’s, Story behind the First World War Cemetries and why they matter.   That so respected an academic can detail the establishment of First World War cemeteries in such detail and not mention the harrowing contribution of the Chinese Labour Corps is testament to just how effectively their story has been …

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Casualties of the air raid, 18/19 May 1918

The following men of the Chinese Labour Corps are all buried at St Omer Cemetery, having died on the 18th/19thMay. WEI KUANG YU 28120 KAO TIEN HSIANG 61491 WANG AN CH’ING 31745 CHAO HO SHUN 28022 CHANG TO WEN 27288 CHOU YU CHIEH 27583 KAI CHI AN 28095 LI TENG YUAN 50525 HSI HSING FEN …

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Video: Robbed of Reason

To mark Mental Health Awareness Week we are launching our latest video, Robbed of Reason. When 96,000 Chinese volunteered to work for the British army on the First World War’s Western Front they almost certainly had no idea what they had let themselves in for. The Chinese Labour Corps  were all but forgotten after the war, despite two …

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A prophetic view of a future war with Japan

It was a Chinese official at Peking who first gave me the sense that China is unconquerable and conquering. I had gone to this official to ask certain questions concerning political affairs, he had listened quietly and answered with seeming frankness. He had no illusions concerning the present situation. The Chinese Government was weak; its …

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President Woodrow Wilson describes “profound sympathy for China”.

You have heard a great deal- something that was true and a great deal that was false-about that provision of the treaty which hands over to Japan the rights which Germany enjoyed in the Province of Shantung in China.  In the first place, Germany did not enjoy any rights there that other nations had not …

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Commenting on the Betrayal in Paris

  So much for self-determination! I think it is really shameless! Mao Zedong The taste of colonialism in its full bitterness had never come home to the Chinese until then, even though we had already had the experience of several decades of foreign exploitation behind us. The sharp pain of imperialistic oppression then reached the …

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Lecture: ‘An Army of Workers’: The story of Chinese Labour in World War One France

Wednesday, 10 May 2017 , 19:30 to 21:30 Durham University LECTURE ROOM EH103 Lecture by Professor Paul Bailey of Durham University. This lecture is hosted by the Friends of the Oriental Museum, as part of the 2016/17 series. The recruitment of nearly 135,000 Chinese labourers by the French and British governments is one of the …

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Centenary of the United States joining the war.

On 6th April, 1917, the United States declared war on Germany [sentence edited in response to comment below]. This turn of events will lead to China’s eventual declaration of war. How so? China had attempted to formally join the allies on several occasions. At the outbreak of the Great War the Chinese government offered military …

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Liverpool’s Chinese community support Everton FC and Liverpool FC Academies to Remember

The Ensuring We Remember Campaign are proud to have supported a day of events in Liverpool on Tuesday 21 March. 15 young people from Everton FC Academy and 15 from Liverpool FC Academy were brought together by the project The Unremembered: World War One’s Army of Workers to remember the sacrifice of the Chinese Labour …

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Exhibition: A Good Reputation Endures Forever: The Chinese Labour Corps on the Western Front

7th April 2017, 10:00 to 24th September 2017, 17:00, Oriental Museum, Elvet Hill, Durham, DH1 3TH We have been privileged to have been working with Durham University’s Oriental Museum on this historic exhibition exploring the role of the thousands of Chinese who risked their lives alongside the British armed forces during the First World War. …

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Report on members of the Chinese Labourer Corps hospitalised in Liverpool.

“The fact that none of them could speak English rendered the work somewhat difficult, an interpreter in the person of a Chinese corporal having to remain in the hospital during the whole of the time that any of the Chinese patients remained. As an example of the wonderful behaviour of these men and the manner …

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Meridian Society Chinese Labour Corps Project Launch Event – 19th April 2017

Date: Wednesday, 19th April Time: 2.00-6.00pm Venue: Djam Lecture Theatre (DLT) SOAS University of London, Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London WC1H 0XG Entry: Free, but places must be booked in advance On 19th April, 1917, after a three-month journey over land and sea, a thousand Chinese men arrived in Le Havre, France, weary and bewildered. …

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Out of China by Professor Robert Bickers

Robert Bickers, who many will know from his excellent contribution to the Penguin (China) World War One Special Editions with Getting Stuck in For Shanghai: Putting the Kibosh on the Kaiser from the Bund: The British at Shanghai and the Great War, has written a new book, Out of China, officially published on 30 March: …

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Corfflu Llafur Tsieineaidd | Two Videos in Welsh

Erbyn hanner ffordd trwy 1916, roedd y rhagolwg o’r cyngrheiriaid colli’r rhyfel yn dod yn bosibilrwydd wirioneddol. Roedd prinder gweithlu beirniadol wedi’I rhagfynegi wrth dilyn y colliad enfawr a ddaeth o’r Brwydr y Somme. Cafodd yr argyfwng hyn ei ddatrys gan y 96,000 o wirfoddolwyr Tsieineaidd a ffurfiodd y Corfflu Llafur Tsieineaidd a rhoddodd y …

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Corfflu Llafur Tsieineaidd

Lansio ar Ddydd Gŵyl Dewi: Hanes anghofiedig y llafurwyr Tsieineaidd yn ystod y rhyfel byd cyntaf i gael ei adrodd yn gyfrwng y gymreag.

Reflections on SS Mendi Centenary Commemorations: A Chinese Perspective

Steve Lau, Chair of the Ensuring We Remember Campaign, offers personal reflections on  an SS Mendi commemoration event.   The SS Mendi was en route from South Africa to France. On board were over 800 member of the South African Native Labour Corps. At 5:00am on 21st February 1917 the SS Mendi was sailing past the …

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SS Athos Centenary

Launched at precisely 12:27 on February 17th we mark the centenary down to the minute when tragedy struck the SS Athos. The Athos was a French vessel, and was carrying 100 passengers, 850 Senegalese Tirailleurs who boarded at Djibouti and 950 Chinese labourers who had been recruited by the French (Travailleurs Chinois) who boarded the Athos at Hong …

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Review: Tricks on the Dead

After reading many reviews on Tricks on the Dead, all of which were positive, we were keen to watch the first UK screening of this docudrama. What wasn’t clear in any of the publicity was that the screening had been organised by the Meridian Society, so we’d like to both thank and congratulate the Meridian …

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Exhibition: A Good Reputation Endures Forever: The Chinese Labour Corps on the Western Front

7 April 2017 – 24 September 2017 Durham University’s Oriental Museum, Elvet Hill, Durham, DH1 3TH We have been working very closely with Durham University’s Oriental Museum since late 2014 to make this exhibition perhaps the most important exhibition there has ever been on the Chinese Labour Corps.  We’re currently working on publicity, the information below …

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Happy Chinese New Year 2017

As we leave the year of the Monkey and enter the year of the Fire Rooster our best wishes for good health, good fortune and prosperity, may great things lie ahead for us all. 恭喜發財!

Screening of Tricks on the Dead

See our review of this past event. Sunday 05 February 2017 16:00 British Film Institute, Southbank Centre, London. The multi-award winning film on the Chinese Labour Corps, Tricks on the Dead is being screened in London with an introduction by Director Jordan Paterson. A few tickets remain available. Purchase tickets here:

UK Premier: Tricks on the Dead

BFI Southbank, London. Sunday 5th February, 2017 at 4:00pm Tricks on the Dead is the critically acclaimed docudrama telling the story of the Chinese Labour Corps. Directed by Jordan Paterson it has won a number of prestigious domestic (Canadian) and international awards. Tricks on the Dead will be screened at the British Film Institute on …

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New Year Message from the Campaign’s Chair

It is over two years since the Campaign was launched. Our expectation was that we would achieve our primary objective of building a national memorial to the 96,000 volunteers of the Chinese Labour Corps within three years, boldly announcing our intention to unveil the memorial on the 14 August, 2017, the centennary of China’s declaration …

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Merry Christmas Everybody

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War Hellish War – the illustrated diaries of Jim Maultsaid

Barbara McClune is to be congratulated for getting Jim Maultsaid’s war diaries published. Although not a diary in the classical sense, with each entry dated, the entries are (or at least appear) to be in chronological order. What makes this book worth the five stars? That’s easy. In this book there is an intriguing, and …

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“确保我们永记” ——记英国华人纪念一战中国劳工的“立碑运动”(下)

作者:本报记者 林卫光《光明日报》(2016年12月13日) 【特别关注】 华裔政治家、英女王副官陈德良先生介绍说,他们为“立碑运动”设立了官方网站,制作了20多种语言的视频,在英国各地举行宣传和研讨活动,种种努力终于开始得到回报。他们最近陆续得到英国中央和地方政府的一些积极表态和支持,进入到筹款阶段。 陈德良向记者展示了英国文化部国务大臣布拉德莱日前写给他和同事们的一封支持信。布拉德莱在信中说:“我们纪念他们(华工)并承认他们对一战的贡献,这非常重要。他们当中有很多人贡献出了自己的生命,对于你们为唤醒人们觉悟所做的一切,我表示欢迎。” “英国华人社会论坛”主席史蒂夫·刘告诉记者,除了文化部之外,他们还得到英国社区和地方政府部门的支持。他还透露,在伦敦市议会也有多名议员支持这项方案,将有助于不断提醒伦敦市长萨迪克·汗履行竞选承诺。史蒂夫称,为一战华工竖立纪念碑,这是萨迪克·汗对伦敦华人社团的政治许诺。 史蒂夫介绍,竖立纪念碑主要有三大项工作:选址、设计、筹款。目前,设计方案已经确定,纪念碑将是一座高9.6米、重29吨的汉白玉大理石华表,每1厘米代表100名华工。华表将面向中国山东省,因为这是华工登船离开故乡的地方。华表底座的浮雕将展示4个主要故事情景:招募和威海卫登船,西行之旅,劳工在前线,清理战场、和平会议、返乡。 关于筹款,陈德良向记者提供的预算报表显示,纪念碑预算为25万英镑。他们正在通过慈善晚宴、拍卖等各种形式筹措资金。他表示,如果中国企业愿意捐助善款,他们将非常欢迎。 史蒂夫说,选址问题相对复杂。他说,希望将纪念碑建在伦敦市中心。如果建在很远的郊区,人们需要乘坐火车去参观,那就难以达到设立纪念碑的目的。他透露,已经向伦敦不同区政府提交了5个地点申请,但是没有得到积极回复。他坦言,如果直接购买一块地皮可能更加容易,但是这在伦敦市中心完全不可能,只能向有关区政府免费申请一块公共用地。史蒂夫和同事们都没有做过类似工作,完全是“边做边学”,这其中有很多复杂的技术和法律因素。他们最近又物色了3个新的地点,希望在英国中央政府的支持下,能尽快申请下来。 史蒂夫说,希望能够按照既定目标,在2017年8月14日,中国对德宣战100周年时,使纪念碑落成,以使人们永记华工为一战胜利作出的贡献。 (本报伦敦12月12日电 本报驻伦敦记者 林卫光)

A Christmas thank you to all our friends and supporters

It’s the year of the Monkey and we’re warned to expect mischief! Seems a little mischief has found itself into this years season’s greetings from the Ensuring We Remember Campaign Team. On behalf of the Strategic Partners, volunteers and specialists a heartfelt thanks to all our friends and supporters this Christmas. May your dreams for …

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作者:本报记者 林卫光《光明日报》(2016年12月12日 12版) 【特别关注】   提起第一次世界大战,人们往往首先想到英法军队在西线战场与德军的殊死战斗,更加熟悉马恩河、索姆河、凡尔登这几场伤亡无数的战役,而对于“一战中国劳工军团”这个名字却相对陌生或者闻所未闻。一战期间,大约15万中国人远涉重洋,来到欧洲西线战场,给英法军队提供后勤保障,用汗水甚至生命为一战的胜利作出了自己的贡献。然而,战争结束后,这个人群很快便被无意或者有意地忘却。英国现存的4.3万座一战纪念碑中,没有一座是为他们而立的。为改变这种不公正的状况,英国华人发起了一场名为“确保我们永记”的全国性运动,要在英国为一战华工竖立一座纪念碑。 这场运动的倡导者是在英国颇具影响力的华裔政治家陈德良先生。陈德良是英国华人参政的典型代表,曾在2009年当选大伦敦地区红桥市市长,是英国历史上第一位华人市长。2014年,他被任命为英女王副官。 “竖立这座纪念碑的目的,是为了还一战华工一个公道。”陈德良在办公室接受光明日报记者采访时这样说。他告诉记者:一战华工在英国4.3万座一战纪念碑中没有一席之地;英国在一战之后颁发了60万枚战争奖章,大部分人得到的是银质奖章,中国劳工拿到的却只是铜质奖章,而且,中国劳工的奖章与别人不同,上面没有名字,只有一个工作代号;他和同事们在英国各地的调研中发现了数十个华工墓碑,也没有名字,只有代号。他认为,一战华工应该在英国得到更好的待遇。 陈德良说,竖立纪念碑的意义,不仅有纪念一战华工这一群体的历史意义,也有提高华人在英国地位的现实意义,将有助于让更多的英国人了解中国人在一战中为英国作出的贡献,增强英国人对华人的理解和尊重。 陈德良在1996年与英国上议院首位华人勋爵曾秋坤创立了“英国华人社会论坛”,旨在提高华人地位,并让华人了解“政府的哪些政策变化可能会影响到他们”。在这场“立碑运动”中,“英国华人社会论坛”是牵头组织,另外还有9个与华人有关的组织参与其中。 论坛的现任主席史蒂夫·刘负责了大量具体事务。他告诉光明日报记者,参与的组织中囊括了英国保守党、工党、自由民主党三大主流政党的华人分支机构。他开玩笑地说,这些机构因为政见不同,平常争吵不断,“立碑运动”是第一次让他们坐在一起,为同一个目标而努力。 史蒂夫出生在英国,父亲来自香港,母亲是英国人。记者在伦敦泰晤士河南岸的一座办公楼里见到了他。他虽有一个中文名字——刘中庆,却完全是西方人长相,仅仅会非常有限的中文。他持有英国护照,但是每提到中国时,都充满感情地说“我们的国家”。他向记者透露,这场“立碑运动”引起了个别英国人对他的误解,甚至有人用“反英”的字眼来指责他。但是,他说自己没有反对任何人的意愿,只是为了寻求公正。“我们的‘立碑运动’,并非是为了对任何人指手画脚和批评指责,只是为了承认和纪念。” 为了更好地动员各方面力量,史蒂夫做了大量基础调研工作。在英国国内,他在国家档案馆查询了相关资料,与对一战华工有一定研究的英国杜伦大学进行了交流,接触了当年在山东招募华工的英国人的后代。在国外,他前往华工的登船地点中国山东,搜集第一手资料,还3次前往香港,与著有一战华工相关书籍的英国作家格里高利·詹姆斯会面,并与加拿大一部华工题材纪录片的导演保持沟通。大量的调研工作,使史蒂夫成为这一问题名副其实的专家。 他介绍,英、法在一战初期大量人员损失后意识到,战争将是持久战,获胜的关键将是看谁能在前线部署更多的作战力量。为了解放国内人手,英、法将视线投向中国,法国从中国以合同形式雇用了5万名劳工,英国则雇用了9.6万人。尽管英国人最初承诺,不会把华工派往前线,但是他们在到达英国后,几乎全部被派往法国战场。 在战争中,华工承担了搬运货物、建造营房、挖掘战壕、装填沙袋、铺设铁路、修建公路等重体力工作。战争结束后,绝大多数华工没能在第一时间顺利回国,而是被留下继续清理战场,例如填埋弹坑、挖掘哑弹、收卷铁丝网、掩埋尸体等。“充满讽刺意味的是,华工把牺牲的英国军人埋在了专门的战争公墓以备后人纪念,却没有人为他们修建一座纪念碑来记住他们为英国作出的贡献。”史蒂夫说。 对于有多少华工在一战中失去生命,陈德良说难以找到可靠的数字。华工有的命丧前线,有的死于当时肆虐欧洲的“西班牙流感”,还有人在战后留下来挖掘哑弹被炸死。另外,有些人还没有抵达欧洲就死在路上。1917年2月17日,一艘载有中国劳工的船只在前往法国途中,在地中海被德国舰艇击沉,543人丧生。英国此后不得不改变华工运输线路,华工从山东出发后,改为向东穿过太平洋,再乘坐车厢封闭的火车穿越加拿大,然后乘船经大西洋抵达英国和法国。艰苦的运输条件,使不少人命丧途中。陈德良还指出,有很多华工尽管在战后平安返乡,但是留下了严重的心理疾病。 (本报伦敦12月11日电 本报驻伦敦记者 林卫光)

Lunchtime recital: Pagoda Youth Orchestra Perform the Last Post

Southbank Centre, London. Saturday 16th Deember, 2016 at 1:00pm Central Bar Foyer, Level 2, Royal Festival Hall Free of charge Part of China Changing Hear music from the oldest and largest Chinese youth orchestra in Europe who perform innovative music fusions with folk songs, reggae and hip-hop involved. The Pagoda Chinese Youth Orchestra (PCYO) was …

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Chinese Arts Space presents Project New Earth

Southbank Centre, London. Saturday 16th Deember, 2016 at 7.45 The Clore Ballroom, Level 2, Royal Festival Hall Free of charge. Part of China Changing Celebrate the spirit and legacy of the Chinese Labour Corps (CLC) – the largest overseas labour force to help the Allies win World War I – in these films and live …

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Making Good on a Promise

Today Her Majesty the Queen will lead the country in the annual act of remembrance at the Cenotaph in London. Such scenes will play out not just across this country, but around the world. We, like so many others, will renew the promise, “We Will Remember Them”.

In Memoriam, 4 November

Eight men of the Chinese Labour Corps died on this day: CHANG HSUEH WEN ‘68017’ 1918 LI SHAO HUA ‘1772’ 1918 LIU HSIN T’IEN ‘133447’ 1918 WAN LAN T’IEN ‘52963’ 1918 CHANG CH’ING P’O ‘130931’ 1919 CHAO TSENG MEI ‘67686’ 1919 I P’EI LIN ‘92203’ 1919 LI CHIN CHING ‘102581’ 1919 We Remember Them

In Memoriam, 3 November

The men of the Chinese Labour Corps who died on this day were: CHANG WEN FENG ‘108832’ 1918 KUO YU KANG ‘27530’ 1918 We Remember Them

In Memoriam, 2 November

The men of the Chinese Labour Corps who died on this day were: LI WEN SHAN ‘107238’ 1918 P’AN SHU YUAN ‘6827’ 1918 SUNG HSI K’UNG ‘93017’ 1918 YANG SHOU FA ‘35124’ 1918 YU PAO T’AI ‘73708’ 1918 LI WEN KUANG ‘6766’ 1919 LIU MAO SHAN ‘96395’ 1919 We Remember Them

In Memoriam, 1 November

Five deaths occurred among the men of the Chinese Labour Corps on this day. CHIN TAI TUNG ‘61725’ 1917 CHIANG SHOU P’ING ‘40547’ 1918 HU LIEN TSENG ‘24683’ 1918 SU HAN KUANG ‘90274’ 1918 WANG WEN P’AN ‘98490’ 1918 We remember them.

In Memoriam, 31 October

Just one death occurred among the men of the Chinese Labour Corps on this day. That of Mr Li Nai Ch’un (101021) who died this day, 1918.

Exhibition: Appreciation of China, London 3-6 November 2016.

We would like to invite our supporters to the forthcoming exhibition “Appreciation of China” exhibition being held at Grovesnor House, Park Lane, and organised by Duton’s UK Limited. Appreciation of China will feature around 100 pieces of quality Chinese art, mainly Ming and Qing porcelain wares of exceptional quality. Some Tang pottery will also be on show.   …

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In Memoriam, 30 October

Four deaths among the men of the Chinese Labour Corps occurred this day. WU CH’ING PAO ‘6249’  1917 CHANG HUAI SHUN ‘96581’ 1918 T’IEN WEI LI ‘1936’ 1918 WANG HAUI CH’ING ‘2224’  1919 We Remember Them.

In Memoriam, 29 October

These four men of the Chinese Labour Corps all died this day, 1918. HSU HSIEN KUEI ‘100630’ KAO HSUEH MING ‘70506’ KAO LU YIN ‘100276’ SUN K’AI SHENG ‘106771’ We Remember Them

In Memoriam, 28 October

Mr Hao K’ai Ju (9783) of the Chinese Labour Corps died this day, 1917.

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