Report on members of the Chinese Labourer Corps hospitalised in Liverpool.

“The fact that none of them could speak English rendered the work somewhat difficult, an interpreter in the person of a Chinese corporal having to remain in the hospital during the whole of the time that any of the Chinese patients remained. As an example of the wonderful behaviour of these men and the manner in which they maintained discipline among themselves, it may be mentioned that on one occasion one of the Chinese men was discovered undergoing corporal punishment at the hands of his fellows. When inquiry was made as to the reason, the offence which he was alleged to have committed was that he had insulted the administrator, Mr. Taylor. As, however, the latter had no knowledge of the offence having been committed against him, he was able to intercede on behalf of the supposed delinquent.”

‘Liverpool’s Military Hospitals: Belmont Road Hospital part 41’,
Liverpool’s Part in the War: a special report in 76 parts,
Liverpool Courier 28 October 1919

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