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Campaign Chair, Steve Lau, to speak in Northern Ireland

Through funding from the fabulous Big Ideas Company’s Unremembered Project, Steve Lau, Chair of the Ensuring We Remember Campaign has been invited to speak at the Chinese Welfare Association in Belfast.  

The Birth of the Memorial Huabiao

Today, Tuesday 24th April, 2018, a specialist team went to a carefully selected quarry in Hunan Province surveying the various exposed marble rock faces. After careful consideration one location within the quarry was selected. It will now take 15 days to quarry the huge pieces of marble required to produce the Memorial Huabiao.

Talk at the National Archives: The Chinese Labour Corps on the Western Front

Steve Lau, Chair of the Ensuring We Remember campaign, will talk about Chinese peasants who were sent to the Western Front during the First World War. Learn about the journey of the Chinese Labour Corps, as they were secretly transported across Canada, and shipped to Europe to fight in a war they didn’t necessarily understand. …

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Joint Exhibition of Artists and Calligraphers Fundraiser

Our thanks to a donation of £600 from Fuqing Yulong Ai Group and  £ 800 from the London School of Management Studies (LSMS) . Our fundraising activities continue: 新春新氣象,狗年旺旺旺!一戰华工建碑計劃感謝福清玉融愛心群£600 及 London School of Management Studies (LSMS) £800的捐助,其他認捐和籌款活動仍在進行中。三月十一日下午二時至五時中英文化交流學會及英國華人詩書畫學會在120 Lower Road London SW16 2UB (Surrey Quays 車站步行兩分鐘,附近也有停車場)舉行藝術家及書畫家聯展,演出及義賣捐募活動,歡迎各位朋友及對中國文化藝術有興趣的朋友蒞臨參加及支持! March 11, 2018 120 Lower Road London SW16 2UB (Surrey …

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Happy Chinese New Year


Cambrai and the Chinese Contribution

The centenary of the Battle of Cambrai has just passed. We have produced an infographic on Cambrai and the Chinese Contribution.   CLC Cambrai Infographic download

Chinese Television coverage of Commemorations of CLC at the Cenotaph (English)

Report by Zhang He.

Chinese Labour Corps Remembered at the Cenotaph for the First Time.

FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER wreaths were laid at the Cenotaph in Whitehall in memory of the Chinese labourers who came to support the Allied war effort in the First World War. The act comes amid growing momentum to activities, including the Ensuring We Remember Campaign, organised both inside and outside of the Chinese community …

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Presentation: Propaganda and Shifted Reality

A presentation by Steve Lau, Chair of the Ensuring We Remember Campaign, at the launch event of, The Stories behind the Pictures: Colonial Troops in the First World War. This event is being held at University of Hull, HU6 7RX Friday, 20th October. An outline of the presentation follows. By the outbreak of the First …

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Videos Re-organised

We have reorganised the way our videos are presented. Hopefully the new layout will make it easier to see what is available and to access them. Find our videos from the link on the left hand side of this page.

Chinese Centenary Commemoration Toolkit

The Ensuring We Remember Campaign if spearheaded by a coalition of major UK Chinese non-profit organisations. To mark today’s centennial anniversary of China declaring war on Germany we reflect on the position of the Chinese community in the UK, whilst launching our Centenary Commemorations Toolkit. Today the Chinese community holds a privileged position in the …

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Chinese Labour Corps Photobook

We are delighted to announce the publications of, The Chinese Labour Corps: Photographs from the WJ Hawkings collection, launched today to commemorate the centenary of China declaring war against Germany and formally joining Britain and her allies in the Great War. Hardcover: 96 pages Publisher: Myosotis Books (14 August 2017) Languages: English, Chinese and French ISBN-13: 978-1-9998066-0-6 …

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Tricks on the Dead screened in Parliament

The docudrama, Tricks on the Dead, was screened in Parliament and followed by a Q&A session, on Wednesday 21st June. Photograph taken after the screening which was organised by the Chinese Liberal Democrats, one of our Strategic Partners. L-R: Wenlan Peng, Merlnee Emerson, Gregory James, Simon Chu, Steve Lau, Anna Bates. Photo courtesy of Merlen …

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The Chinese Labour Corps and why they matter.

A response to The Yorkshire Post’s, Story behind the First World War Cemetries and why they matter.   That so respected an academic can detail the establishment of First World War cemeteries in such detail and not mention the harrowing contribution of the Chinese Labour Corps is testament to just how effectively their story has been …

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Exhibition: A Good Reputation Endures Forever: The Chinese Labour Corps on the Western Front

7th April 2017, 10:00 to 24th September 2017, 17:00, Oriental Museum, Elvet Hill, Durham, DH1 3TH We have been privileged to have been working with Durham University’s Oriental Museum on this historic exhibition exploring the role of the thousands of Chinese who risked their lives alongside the British armed forces during the First World War. …

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Exhibition: A Good Reputation Endures Forever: The Chinese Labour Corps on the Western Front

7 April 2017 – 24 September 2017 Durham University’s Oriental Museum, Elvet Hill, Durham, DH1 3TH We have been working very closely with Durham University’s Oriental Museum since late 2014 to make this exhibition perhaps the most important exhibition there has ever been on the Chinese Labour Corps.  We’re currently working on publicity, the information below …

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Making Good on a Promise

Today Her Majesty the Queen will lead the country in the annual act of remembrance at the Cenotaph in London. Such scenes will play out not just across this country, but around the world. We, like so many others, will renew the promise, “We Will Remember Them”.

Update on the CLC Banner.

Many of you will remember the fantastic gift of the Chinese Labour corps banner by the Dennison brothers, and the Incredible Story of Colonel AA Kennedy to whom the banner was given by grateful men of the Chinese Labour Corps under his command. Although the banner had been offered to the campaign, it was felt that we …

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Chair of Campaign to speak at Hidden Histories Conference.

Steve Lau, Chair of the Ensuring We Rememeber Campaign, will be speaking at the forthcoming conference, Beyond the Western Front – The Global First World War Conference, on the subject of the link between the First World War and the Founding of the Chinese Communist Party. The Conference is being held in Nottingham over two …

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“Stop dredging up things from the past”

It is an interesting turn of events to find that the main backlash against the Campaign has been from those who consider it to be “white-bashing”, by people who suggest “white people are not there merely for the convenience of others”, and, “as a minority”, to  “expect to be offended”.  To them, we show a lack …

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Artefacts Donated to the Campaign

It seems timely to give a reminder of our policy on artefacts that are donated to the Campaign. Through a partnership with Durham University’s Oriental Museum we have found a wonderful place where any artefacts donated will not only be used for both exhibitions to the general public and as teaching resources for University courses, …

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Our best wishes for the Chinese Year of the Monkey!

We pay tribute to the men of the Chinese Labour Corps this Chinese New Year with a clip from China Television’s New Year’s Eve Gala show – an army of 540 dancing robots! We hope this brings you a smile (don’t miss 1 minute and 26 seconds in!) and may we wish you a very happy …

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Our best wishes for Christmas and the New Year

I signed the petition because

I want people to remember that these people played a part in the war too. Our forgotten heroes. Jenny, London If you haven’t done so, please do sign the petition. Thank you.

Why I signed the petition…

Saddened that the Chinese contribution to the Allied effort in WW1 is so under represented. Tony, UK You can join Tony and sign the petition here.

Update on the Address to Members of Liverpool City Council.

Further to our previous post, An address to the Members of Liverpool City Council  the following is an extract from the minutes of the Council meeting. Peter Foo and Steve Lau addressed the City Council in relation to the Chinese community within the City in the context of the Motion set out in Minute No. 15. and entitled …

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Consultation on memorial design begins

As we move from preparatory stages of the memorial to the design and commissioning stage we are now starting consultation on the proposed memorial. At this point we have not secured a site for the memorial, but feel we should have a “proposed design option” in order to be able to fit within the timeframe. …

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An address to the Members of Liverpool City Council

Steve Lau, Chair of the Ensuring We Remember Campaign was invited to address a full meeting of Liverpool City Council on Wednesday 22nd July, 2015. His address is given below. Our thanks to the Members of Liverpool City Council for their support of the campaign. I am delighted to address the Council today as Chair …

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Why I signed the petition…

I have just read an academic paper on the search for the bodies of soldiers during and after the war and there was not one mention of the Chinese Labour Corps. I was alerted to its existence by a small mention in the novel “Wake” by Anna Hope. 96,000 men should be properly remembered. John, …

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Happy Chinese New Year 恭喜发财

How the Chinese Labour Corps became the Forgotten of the Forgotten of the First World War, and its significance.

A free public talk will be given by Steve Lau, Chair of the Ensuring We Remember Campaign’s Strategic Partnership Board. To mark the start of the First Word War centenary, the BBC screened a two part series by historian David Olusoga entitield The World’s War – Forgotten Soldiers of Empire. In referring to the Chinese Labour …

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Why I signed the petition…

I only recently learned about the role of the CLC and I am appalled their contributions have been forgotten for so long. Olivia, Newcastle Sign the petition here.

Why I signed the petition…

I am a British soldier and you are free today because of these men and women who assisted Britain in WW1. Russ, Chorley Sign the petition here.

Why we don’t have a design for the memorial

We are asked about the design for the memorial fairly regularly. The simple truth is, we don’t have one.  However, there is a reason, and it is as follows. In order to build a memorial we will need two things as a starting point. The first is a site. The second a design. Why we …

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The incredible story of Colonel AA Kennedy

The words of Andrew Denison, grandson of Colonel AA Kennedy, on the presentation of the banner (shown above) given to Colonel Kennedy by members of the Chinese Labour Corps. I thought I would tell you a little about my grandfather, Col. AA Kennedy, and how the magnificent banner that you are about to see came …

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Fundraising Dinner, Tuesday 11th November, 2014

Last night we had our first fundraising event, a dinner held in the heart of London’s Chinatown at the Imperial China Restaurant. With one hundred guests, great food and ample wine courtesy of See Woo supermarket the evening was a huge success. A moving speech by Martin Horwood MP highlighted the ramifications for both the recruited …

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Why I signed the petition

The government should be ashamed of the way they treated the Chinese who helped us in both World Wars Alan, Liverpool Sign the petition here.

Fundraising Dinner Menu

This is a traditional Chinese banquet, and therefore not likely to be a great hit with vegetarians. However, we are able to provide vegetarian alternatives, just let us know of your dietary preferences. Priced at £55 a head, includes one bottle each of white and red per table of ten. Cash bar available throughout the …

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Why I signed the Petition…

I was surprised to see Chinese graves in the British Cemetery at Bellicourt near St Quentain. Now I know why they are there. These men desrve our respect and gratitude. John, Ickenham

Why I Signed the Petition

I believe that it is imperative that we recognize, appreciate, and commemorate the enormous personal contributions and sacrifices made by so many ordinary people in this terrible conflict. The story of the Chinese Labour Corps is an absolutely extraordinary one, and I applaud the Ensuring We Remember Campaign for their efforts to establish this woefully …

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Purchase your Fundraising Banquet Tickets

Join us for some of the best food in London’s Chinatown, and help us raise funds for the Chinese Labour Corps Memorial Campaign. Why not buy a table for ten and host your own guests for the evening? A table for ten costs £500 email for further information.   Ticket sales now closed.

Fundraising Dinner

The Chinese in Britain Forum will be holding a fundraising dinner. All proceeds will support the work of the Ensuring We Remember Campaign. Date: 11th November, 2014 Venue: Imperial China Restaurant, Lisle Street, London Chinatown. Tickets are priced at £55 and there is a cash bar. A table of ten can be bought for £500. This …

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164 lives remembered in our first month

On the 14th August we began to remember the anniversaries of individual men of the Chinese Labour Corps who died in service. One month on we have commemorated 164 men.

Campaign Lapel Pin

[le_product] The Ensuring We Remember Campaign team invite you to support the campaign by wearing one of our campaign lapel pins. Made of nickel and enamel, the pin has the feel and look of quality, and its simplistic elegance will not look out of place whatever you’re wearing. We hope as many people will wear …

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