In Memoriam 13 August

Today we remember three men of the Chinese Labour Corps who died in service.

LI FU CHEN (56237) 1919.
LU HSUEH SHU Labourer 106238, died 1919.
TSENG CH’IEN SHENG Labourer 25109, died 1918.
YANG CHIH FU Labourer 99855, died 1919.

We Remember Them.

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  1. Gary CHIN says:
    Well; here is more than 3 OR 4 names:

    Something like 40 Burial Site:-

    Starting with the MOST famous one:-


    These are all the ‘KNOWN’ C.L.C. Burial Sites in Norht Eastern France.
    And Belgium. From the “Incomplete”; 2 page map Privately Published in Summerskill’s 1982 Paperback Book.
    In Belgium.
    Ostend. /Furnes. /Proven /Poperinghe /Dozinghem /Ypres /Lijssenthoek /Menin.
    In N.E. France.
    Dunkirk /Eringhem /Caestre /Hazebrouck /Tourcoing
    St Andre /Lille /Ascq. /Bourbourg /Audruicq
    Ruminghem /Moulle /St.-Omer /Caestre /Hazebrouck
    Pont-de-Briques /Audruicq /Ruminghem
    Tourehem /Moulle /Arques /Calais /Bleriot-Plage
    Pont-de-Briques /Longuenesse /Seninghem
    Wimereux /Terlincthum /Boulogne /Hardelot-Plage
    Dannes-Camiers /Etaples /Berguette /Lapugnuy
    Bethune /Houdain /Huby-St-Leu /Hesdin /St. Pol-Sur-Ternoise /Duisans /Arras /Ayette /Pommereuil
    Doullens /Noyelles-sur-Mer /Abbeville /Flixecourt /Amiens /Tincourt /Nesle /Ham /Abancourt
    Le Havre /Rouen /Dieppe and *Finally; Paris.

    Additionally from a Mr. Nick Keyes.

    //3 members of the CLC are buried in Dernancourt Communal Cemetery Extension CWGC, a few miles SW of Albert. //

    *N.B.* It should be NOTED here that there should be more sites but; there are two parts to his map, the second part is simply “Unavailable!”. Believe me I have looked!!!

    >>Posted A few Days from Rememberance Sunday 2019.<<

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