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Where’s the memorial?

We’ve been asked what happened to the unveiling on the 4th May 2019. News of the unveiling taking place on 4th May this year was reported in the South China Morning Post (SCMP) last November, and picked up by a number of Chinese language media. Unfortunately the original report was not correct. When speaking with …

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EVENT: CHINESE LABOUR CORPS: The Forgotten Men of World War I

Wednesday 27 February, 1-4.45pm   Heritage Learning Space, Library of Birmingham Between 1917-1920, 140,000 Chinese men travelled from Shandong on China’s East coast to the other side of the world to support the British, French and Russian armies with manual labour during WWI, remaining in Europe until 1920 clearing battlefields. Who were these men and why did …

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Hoggy Chinese New Year 2019

National Road Show

It was only at the end of last September that we announced plans to take our message out in a road show that would cover all four nations of the UnitedKingdom, and continue to raise awareness of the Chinese Labour Corps within local communities. Material is still being developed, but we are working to realise …

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Steve Lau, Chair of the Ensuring We Remember Campaign reflects on the challenges of the general public’s extremely low level of awareness of the contribution made by the Chinese to Britain’s war effort. In my role I share my passion (some may say obsession) with anyone willing to listen really. It’s not too difficult to …

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Andrew Dismore, London Assembly Member, calls for Chinese Labour Corps to be recognised.

Thursday, 1st November, 2018. At today’s City Hall Plenary meeting, Labour London Assembly Member for Barnet and Camden Andrew Dismore AM called for recognition of WW1 Chinese Labour Corps, when speaking in the debate to commemorate the centenary of the end of the First World War. After the debate Mr Dismore said: ‘The Chinese Labour …

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We must continue to build bridges wherever possible

It is right to be mindful of history, but as this video shows, things are changing in Britain. The Ensuring We Remember Campaign has achieved a great deal, but we have not been alone in this endeavour. Other organisations have directly addressed the issue of remembrance of the Chinese Labour Corps, and not only Chinese …

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Protected: Design Elements of the Memorial

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Chinese Labour Corps Photobook

An incredible collection of candid photographs of the Chinese Labour Corps taken on the Western Front by Captain WJ Hawkings. More details here.

A2 Poster

Buy our new A2 sized poster (42cm x 59cm). [le_product]

Les camps de travailleurs chinois

Par France 3. Histoires 14-18 : les camps de travailleurs chinois

Tentoonstelling en boek: Vive Labeur

Our congratulations to the City of Poperinge on the Vive Labeur Exhibition. Vive Labeur, Chinese Labour Corps in de Eerste Wereldoorlog Sun Gan Prijs:  € 24,50 (incl. verzendingskosten) Sun Gan is een plattelandsonderwijzer die de kans heeft gegrepen om verre horizonten te verkennen door zich aan te melden bij het CLC. Met een opmerkelijk observatievermogen vergelijkt …

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Original Maultsaid Diary Manuscript on Display

Casualties of the air raid, 18/19 May 1918

The following men of the Chinese Labour Corps are all buried at St Omer Cemetery, having died on the 18th/19thMay. WEI KUANG YU 28120 KAO TIEN HSIANG 61491 WANG AN CH’ING 31745 CHAO HO SHUN 28022 CHANG TO WEN 27288 CHOU YU CHIEH 27583 KAI CHI AN 28095 LI TENG YUAN 50525 HSI HSING FEN …

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Happy Chinese New Year 2017

As we leave the year of the Monkey and enter the year of the Fire Rooster our best wishes for good health, good fortune and prosperity, may great things lie ahead for us all. 恭喜發財!

Merry Christmas Everybody

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In Memoriam, 25 October

Four men of the Chinese Labour Corps died on this day. LI HSU T’ANG ‘5174’ 1918 LI SHIH CHUN ‘34195’ 1918 CHANG PAI CHUNG ‘38545’ 1919 HSIANG YEN LING ‘94306’ 1919 We Remember Them.

In Memoriam, 20 October

The men named below died this day: CHANG CHIH HUNG ‘10431’ 1917 CHENG CHING WEN ‘63591’ 1918 LI LAI SHUN ‘2566’ 1918 LIU MEI LIN ‘58826’ 1919 TING CHAO EN ‘13994’ 1919 We Remember Them.

The War Office performed a remarkable about turn

[A]t the end of last month the War Office performed a remarkable about turn. Having been utterly opposed to the hiring of Chinese labourers before the Battle of the Somme, it’s now clear that the manpower situation has entirely changed. This could be a war of attrition, and minister of war David Lloyd George has just authorised the opening of negotiations, …

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In Memoriam 12 October

On the 12th October the following men of the Chinese Labour Corps died. CH’IN TUNG ‘8111’ 1918 LI I TIEN ‘3096’ 1917 LI P’EI YUAN ‘54509’ 1917 T’ANG CHI TE ‘90660’ 1918 We Remember Them

China’s interests “totally disregarded”.

China had earned the gratitude of its allies, but it received none. Its interests were totally disregarded at the long peace conference in 1918-19. At the end of it the Chinese delegates refused to sign the Versailles treaty. Lord Lexden OBE The Far East in the First World War  

In Memoriam 10 October

The men of the Chinese Labour Corps may well have been familiar with the tenth day of the tenth month as being China’s national day: it was the anniversary of the start of the Xinhai Revolution – the revolution that would bring an end to over 2,000 years of dynastic rule in China. Deaths among …

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In Memoriam 1 October

Today is China’s National Day. A day of celebration for hundreds of millions of Chinese. We recall the sacrifice of the following two men whose lives were laid down on China’s path to modernity. CHIA LIEN MING ‘35860’ 1917 CHOU HSUEH LIN ‘108847’ 1918 We Remember Them

In Memoriam 30 September

In Memory of the souls lost this day: KENG YU TSENG ‘18422’ 1918 LIU MEI CHING ‘133264’ 1918 TIAO TE CH’I ‘71790’ 1919 TU WEN TE ‘66060’ 1919 TUNG CHI LU ‘105037’ 1918 WANG HSUEH LI ‘70024’ 1919 We Remember Them

In Memoriam 28 September

The following men died this day: CHANG T’UNG SHENG ‘62638’ 1919 CHAO KUANG HSIEN ‘53770’ 1918 KAO CH’ING LIN ‘46564’ 1919 P’AN CHIN SHAN ‘8751’ 1918 YEN FENG SHAN ‘18060’ 1917 We Remember them

In Memoriam 25 September

Two men of the Chinese Labour Corps died today: LIU SZU HUI ‘67351’ 1918 SU YIN T’ING ‘72782’ 1919 We Remember Them

In Memoriam 18 September

The following members of the Chinese Labour Corps died today. HUANG LU TE (65779) 1918 LI SHU CH’I (98198) 1918 TUNG HSI CH’ENG (55723) 1918 We Remember Them.

In Memoriam 28 August

On the 28th August the following four members of the Chinese Labour Corps died. SUN TE KUNG (7423) 1917 WANG LAI HSIANG (55287) 72nd Company, 1917 WANG HSI SHENG (12604) 13th Company, 1918 YU SHENG FANG (57080) 1918 We remember them.

I Think They Will Remember.

“I think they will remember. I am sure they appreciated. It made them feel at least that they were men and not mere quarry slaves, driven to their dungeon when the day was done…” Report of the War Emergency Work of the Y.M.C.A. from 1914 to 1926, Year Book of the National Council of Y.M.C.A.’s, …

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Warwick event, 1st December 2015

Why I signed the petition…

To correct a historical omission in our rememberance process of WW1 Patrick, Nelson.

« Les travailleurs chinois en France pendant la Première Guerre Mondiale »

« Les travailleurs chinois pendant la Première Guerre Mondiale » Lieu : Institut Confucius, 22 allée François Mitterrand, 49100 Angers Dates : du 28 mai au 30 octobre 2015. Horaires : le lundi de 14h à 18h, du mardi au vendredi de 10h à 12h et de 14h à 18h. Entrée libre. Renseignements : 02 41 95 53 52 …

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A message from New Zealand

My father Frederick James Hall was injured at the Battle of the Somme and after his recouperation in the UK was promoted to Corporal and transferred to the Chinese Labour Corp of the Devon Regiment. By the end of the war he spoke mandarin fluently. He spoke most highly of “those wonderful Chinese chaps.” He …

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Tweets on the Chinese Labour Corp

Air of humble, obedient sacrifice in Chinese Labour Corps is a stern reminder of what we overlook of spectacular things done for us. SpeakUpMan 31 January 2015

Why I signed the petition…

As we remember the events of WW1 it would be most appropriate for the UK government to support the establishment of a suitable memorial for the Chinese Labour Corps. Edwin, London Sign the petition here

The Chinese Labour Corps creates a voice for Britain’s Chinese community

This time last year the campaign was little more than a simple concept – a memorial to the 96,000 volunteers of the Chinese Labour Corps. That hasn’t changed, but how we envisage that concept has. It has changed a great deal. Back in August of 2013 Steve Lau, Chair of the Chinese in Britain Forum …

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I signed the petition because…

It is a shame and a disgrace that so many people have been erased from history and ignored. Bad enough they were exploited in their lifetimes. Nick, Cardiff Sign the petition here.

Why I signed the petition…

I have only recently discovered that the Chinese contributed to the war, and am disappointed how we have just been wiped away and forgotten after the war… Christine, London Sign the petition here

Why I signed the petition

It’s an injustice that these people have never been recognised as to their support in the Great War. James, Liverpool Sign the petition here

Last Post

Today we remember Mr Li Jen Kuei who died on this day in 1918. Mr Li is the first person since the 14th August when we started to remember the fallen men of the Chinese Labour Corps, who stands alone among the fallen. As a single representative of all those who died whilst serving in …

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British Forces TV Coverage

Coverage of the Campaign Launch by British Forces TV can be viewed here.  

South China Morning Post Covers Campaign

We’re delighted to report that the Ensuring We Remember Campaign has been reported in the South China Morning Post’s City Scope Magazine.  The original text can be found here. Anna Chen’s South China Morning Post magazine City Scope column on the China Labour Corps memorial campaign 31st August 2014 This month, the world commemorated the centenary of …

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A supporters vBlog

We thought we’d share with you a video Blog by Nathan Hazlett. If you have something to say on the campaign, let us know, whether by video, audio or in writing.

Notes on An introduction to the Chinese Labour Corps Video

By necessity we try to explain sometimes complex points in a very limited time. As a result we resort to using a word or phrase which fails to capture the subtlety of the matter. To clarify such points we will be adding notes to each of our videos to explain some of the words of …

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