Happy Chinese New Year 2017

As we leave the year of the Monkey and enter the year of the Fire Rooster our best wishes for good health, good fortune and prosperity, may great things lie ahead for us all. 恭喜發財!

In Memoriam, 25 October

Four men of the Chinese Labour Corps died on this day. LI HSU T’ANG ‘5174’ 1918 LI SHIH CHUN ‘34195’ 1918 CHANG PAI CHUNG ‘38545’ 1919 HSIANG YEN LING ‘94306’ 1919 We Remember Them.

In Memoriam, 20 October

The men named below died this day: CHANG CHIH HUNG ‘10431’ 1917 CHENG CHING WEN ‘63591’ 1918 LI LAI SHUN ‘2566’ 1918 LIU MEI LIN ‘58826’ 1919 TING CHAO EN ‘13994’ 1919 We Remember Them.

The War Office performed a remarkable about turn

[A]t the end of last month the War Office performed a remarkable about turn. Having been utterly opposed to the hiring of Chinese labourers before the Battle of the Somme, it’s now clear that the manpower situation has entirely changed. This could be…

In Memoriam 12 October

On the 12th October the following men of the Chinese Labour Corps died. CH’IN TUNG ‘8111’ 1918 LI I TIEN ‘3096’ 1917 LI P’EI YUAN ‘54509’ 1917 T’ANG CHI TE ‘90660’ 1918 We Remember Them

China’s interests “totally disregarded”.

China had earned the gratitude of its allies, but it received none. Its interests were totally disregarded at the long peace conference in 1918-19. At the end of it the Chinese delegates refused to sign the Versailles treaty. Lord Lexden OBE The…

In Memoriam 10 October

The men of the Chinese Labour Corps may well have been familiar with the tenth day of the tenth month as being China’s national day: it was the anniversary of the start of the Xinhai Revolution – the revolution that…

In Memoriam 1 October

Today is China’s National Day. A day of celebration for hundreds of millions of Chinese. We recall the sacrifice of the following two men whose lives were laid down on China’s path to modernity. CHIA LIEN MING ‘35860’ 1917 CHOU…

In Memoriam 30 September

In Memory of the souls lost this day: KENG YU TSENG ‘18422’ 1918 LIU MEI CHING ‘133264’ 1918 TIAO TE CH’I ‘71790’ 1919 TU WEN TE ‘66060’ 1919 TUNG CHI LU ‘105037’ 1918 WANG HSUEH LI ‘70024’ 1919 We Remember…

In Memoriam 28 September

The following men died this day: CHANG T’UNG SHENG ‘62638’ 1919 CHAO KUANG HSIEN ‘53770’ 1918 KAO CH’ING LIN ‘46564’ 1919 P’AN CHIN SHAN ‘8751’ 1918 YEN FENG SHAN ‘18060’ 1917 We Remember them

In Memoriam 25 September

Two men of the Chinese Labour Corps died today: LIU SZU HUI ‘67351’ 1918 SU YIN T’ING ‘72782’ 1919 We Remember Them

In Memoriam 18 September

The following members of the Chinese Labour Corps died today. HUANG LU TE (65779) 1918 LI SHU CH’I (98198) 1918 TUNG HSI CH’ENG (55723) 1918 We Remember Them.


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