The Campaign Logo

Our logo design takes a quite deliberate industrial look for the background, symbolising labour. A forget-me-not flower is imposed on top, and is intended to be an all embracing aspirational message – that all members of the Chinese Labour Corps be remembered.

No wording is used, but there is a very simple inscription:

              1916 CLC 1920

These numbers and letters appear as if they have been chiselled out of the background, and is reminiscent of text which has been carved into a gravestone (the last CLC members kept on were those used to engrave the gravestones of the CLC members buried in Commonwealth War Graves). Whereas the forget-me-not flower remembers all, the style of lettering is a special reminder of the many who paid the ultimate price and lost their lives.

Finally, the yellow stamen of the forget-me-not contains a hidden message. By looking at the spaces between the stamen parts it is possible to see the Chinese character 英, pronounced Ying. The literal meaning of this character is hero or brave. However, it is also the character that is used for England or the English, Britain or the British, so for example, combined with 国, pronounced Guo, meaning country, 英国 (Ying Guo) means Britain.  Combined with 语, pronounced Yu, meaning language, 英语 (Ying Yu) means English (language). There is, therefore,  a play on the word, recognising that the members of the Chinese Labour Corps were heroes, whilst also firmly locating the campaign for recognition of the Chinese Labour Corps within Britain.

The overall design deliberately avoids being too specific. Rather it raises a number of questions and indeed, invites questions from those who see it, and when worn as a lapel pin, offer those who wear it an opportunity to tell the story of the Chinese Labour Corps and the campaign to remember them.



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