What we mean when we say, “We Remember Them”.

Each day we record the names of those members of the Chinese Labour Corps whose anniversary of their death falls on that day. Numbers vary, and so far its been as low as two and as high as eleven – though you must bear in mind that these deaths fall over a period of three to four years Currently, in August, because the last Chinese Labour Corps members were repatriated in the spring of 19120, deaths could only have fallen in 1917, 1918 or 1919, so those two or eleven deaths would have been over a three year period.

But in creating these posts, the Campaign Team have taken an unusual step in as much they have made additional work for themselves. It would be relatively easy to automatically generate these posts from the lists of deaths that we have. However, we felt this was a little impersonal, and so each day the names are copied from the lists and manually put into a new posts – which explains why the posts appear at different times of the day.

When you read the words, We Remember Them, they really have been remembered that day, both by us, and by you, and we thank you for that.


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