It’s good to hear that the first contingent of school children have been to France. As I mentioned to you at the Baroness Varsi event, with a (somewhat distant) youth work background, I appreciate the logistical nightmare you face. I’m sure there will be some learning points from the first few trips, but congratulations on reaching take-off!

You’re visiting the pages of the Chinese In Britain Forum’s Centenary Project, Ensuring We Remember, a national campaign for the establishment of a permanent memorial to 96,000 members of the Chinese Labour Corps (the video’s reference to 134,353 covers all Labourers, whether working for both the French British or Americans (but excludes 200,000 that worked for Russia in the Eastern Front). On opinion from our academic consultant we’re ensuring we’re consistent in our referencing the workers in order to avoid confusing people.

Please feel free to browse the site, maybe start from our home page you’ll need credentials, please use the username Peter and the password schools

Peter, can I ask you what, if any, content has been developed in regards to the Chinese Labour Corps for the school trips to Europe. Could we help at all?

Best wishes,



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