In Memoriam 10 October

The men of the Chinese Labour Corps may well have been familiar with the tenth day of the tenth month as being China’s national day: it was the anniversary of the start of the Xinhai Revolution – the revolution that would bring an end to over 2,000 years of dynastic rule in China.

Deaths among the Chinese Labour Corps on this day were high.

CHANG TE K’UN  ‘6337’ 1917
CHAO PANG HSIEN ‘28981’ 1917
CHIA PEN LI ‘28885’ 1917
CHOU CH’ANG MEI ‘50319’ 1917
LI TSO CHI ‘28648’ 1917
LIU HAI CH’ENG ‘70181’ 1919
SANG KUAN I ‘28984’ 1917
SHANG CHING FANG ‘63009’ 1918
SUI WEN FU ‘28968’ 1917
WANG LAO HO ‘28734’ 1917
YANG FU YUAN ‘101762’ 1918
YANG JU CHI ‘9825’ 1919

We remember them.



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