Lord and Lady Bates pay respects at the Chinese cemetery in Noyelles

Lord and Lady Bates stopped at the chinese cemetery at Noyelles-sur-mer where 842 Chinese Labour Corps volunteers are buried. The cemetery is adjacent to the site that once had the largest Chinese hospital in the world, and certainly the best treatment available in any Chinese hospital in the world.

The great care of the doctors and nursing staff at the hospital, many medical missionaries who had left their positions in China to assist the Chinese labourers, is something Britain can be rightly proud of.

Many stories relating to the Chinese Labour Corps are hard to read or to listen to, but the Chinese Hospital is quite the opposite. However,despite the great care, many died, from injuries, from exploding ordnance they were clearing, and in many cases from the Spanish flu.

Lord Bates is walking from London to Berlin for charity. The stop off at the Chinese Cemetery is welcome recognition of those men.

Lord Bates can be followed on his journey on Twitter.



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