Update on the CLC Banner.

Many of you will remember the fantastic gift of the Chinese Labour corps banner by the Dennison brothers, and the Incredible Story of Colonel AA Kennedy to whom the banner was given by grateful men of the Chinese Labour Corps under his command.

Although the banner had been offered to the campaign, it was felt that we did not possess the expertise to conserve it, no, in fairness, access to audiences with whom to share it. Consequently we suggested the donation be made to Durham University’s Oriental Museum (read the full story here).

The Oriental Museum have sent up some images of the conservation work being carried out on the banner, and we thought we would share them here.

Our thanks to Durham University Oriental Museum, not simply for the photos, but also for taking such great care of the banner. Expect further updates soon.

P1040985 P1040987


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  1. Stephen Jones says:
    Dear Sir/Madam
    As a former British Soldier I would like get involved in the campaign for a monument to the Chinese Labour Corps. I myself had never heard or read about them until the programme on television last night and feel very strongly that they should be honoured alongside all the other Allied Nations.


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