In Memoriam 1 October

Today is China’s National Day. A day of celebration for hundreds of millions of Chinese. We recall the sacrifice of the following two men whose lives were laid down on China’s path to modernity. CHIA LIEN MING ‘35860’ 1917 CHOU…

In Memoriam 30 September

In Memory of the souls lost this day: KENG YU TSENG ‘18422’ 1918 LIU MEI CHING ‘133264’ 1918 TIAO TE CH’I ‘71790’ 1919 TU WEN TE ‘66060’ 1919 TUNG CHI LU ‘105037’ 1918 WANG HSUEH LI ‘70024’ 1919 We Remember…

In Memoriam 28 September

The following men died this day: CHANG T’UNG SHENG ‘62638’ 1919 CHAO KUANG HSIEN ‘53770’ 1918 KAO CH’ING LIN ‘46564’ 1919 P’AN CHIN SHAN ‘8751’ 1918 YEN FENG SHAN ‘18060’ 1917 We Remember them

In Memoriam 25 September

Two men of the Chinese Labour Corps died today: LIU SZU HUI ‘67351’ 1918 SU YIN T’ING ‘72782’ 1919 We Remember Them

In Memoriam 18 September

The following members of the Chinese Labour Corps died today. HUANG LU TE (65779) 1918 LI SHU CH’I (98198) 1918 TUNG HSI CH’ENG (55723) 1918 We Remember Them.

In Memoriam 28 August

On the 28th August the following four members of the Chinese Labour Corps died. SUN TE KUNG (7423) 1917 WANG LAI HSIANG (55287) 72nd Company, 1917 WANG HSI SHENG (12604) 13th Company, 1918 YU SHENG FANG (57080) 1918 We remember…

I Think They Will Remember.

“I think they will remember. I am sure they appreciated. It made them feel at least that they were men and not mere quarry slaves, driven to their dungeon when the day was done…” Report of the War Emergency Work…

Why I signed the petition…

To correct a historical omission in our rememberance process of WW1 Patrick, Nelson.

« Les travailleurs chinois en France pendant la Première Guerre Mondiale »

« Les travailleurs chinois pendant la Première Guerre Mondiale » Lieu : Institut Confucius, 22 allée François Mitterrand, 49100 Angers Dates : du 28 mai au 30 octobre 2015. Horaires : le lundi de 14h à 18h, du mardi au vendredi de 10h…

A message from New Zealand

My father Frederick James Hall was injured at the Battle of the Somme and after his recouperation in the UK was promoted to Corporal and transferred to the Chinese Labour Corp of the Devon Regiment. By the end of the…

Tweets on the Chinese Labour Corp

Air of humble, obedient sacrifice in Chinese Labour Corps is a stern reminder of what we overlook of spectacular things done for us. SpeakUpMan 31 January 2015


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