« Les travailleurs chinois en France pendant la Première Guerre Mondiale »

« Les travailleurs chinois pendant la Première Guerre Mondiale » Lieu : Institut Confucius, 22 allée François Mitterrand, 49100 Angers Dates : du 28 mai au 30 octobre 2015. Horaires : le lundi de 14h à 18h, du mardi au vendredi de 10h…

What should we remember?

An interesting question was posed in a report by Austrian researchers into commemoration. But what should we remember if existence and memory are no longer part of what we remember? It’s a great little sound-bite, but what does it mean? Ultimately,…

A comment on the campaign

It has taken a century for the truth to be acknowledged. Mark O’Neil, Chinese in Britain plan monument to World War One workers

A message from New Zealand

My father Frederick James Hall was injured at the Battle of the Somme and after his recouperation in the UK was promoted to Corporal and transferred to the Chinese Labour Corp of the Devon Regiment. By the end of the…

Why I signed the petition…

I am a British soldier and you are free today because of these men and women who assisted Britain in WW1. Russ, Chorley Sign the petition here.

Why I signed the petition…

I have only recently discovered that the Chinese contributed to the war, and am disappointed how we have just been wiped away and forgotten after the war… Christine, London Sign the petition here

Why I signed the petition

It’s an injustice that these people have never been recognised as to their support in the Great War. James, Liverpool Sign the petition here

Why I signed the petition

The government should be ashamed of the way they treated the Chinese who helped us in both World Wars Alan, Liverpool Sign the petition here.

Notes on An introduction to the Chinese Labour Corps Video

By necessity we try to explain sometimes complex points in a very limited time. As a result we resort to using a word or phrase which fails to capture the subtlety of the matter. To clarify such points we will…

Three day exhibition at Charing Cross Library, London, 16 -19 May 2014

A rare opportunity has arisen courtesy of Westminster Library Services to see “Hundreds of precious photographs recording the difficult time of WW1 and how the Chinese fought together with the British and French. It is the first time these images,…


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